Coffee Corner- Building Credit

Behind the scenes:

I told bro this, he paused for 10 mins, tuned in☝🏾😅
If u get a credit builder card (with benefits)
It hikes your score instantly and quickly. (Vs years)
A perk to salary/savings but essential.
*I use credit karma on score or free perks



The Butterfly Effect🦋: i feel like my reality is being tested on a Universal Level, whats stuck, whats society, what’s external, whats real. It attacks my (Earth) taurus to awaken the (fire) dragon..,

.#teamtaurus #dragonsigns #mynerves



Not all the time do you find an area that seems to be standing quite undisturbed since the early sixties. However, for this rural landscape, once home to many now turned popular tourist destination, is a great place to explore with family and friends alike.

Location: Canyon Creek

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