Mia Tech News and Video

For both LDM and Mia Tech news, combined;

see our most recent videos, before June; regarding

Love and Divinity.

Mia Tech is featured in both Videos/shows below,


  1. Love and Divinity of Old Redford vStudio I

  2. LDM PT 2: Mia Jonita Tech (Old Red., MI, USA)

See also youtube:


  • For Tech in Open Sims/Mia Jonita:
  • We are still grid mode, the point of no return.
  • I tried to do standalone for pics, & it was hard.
  • So for Grid mode, we had a Socket time out.
  • this Socket Connection was stuck for 6-7mos.
  • I finally, by means of serendipity, our CEO2,
  • Decided to relax and take Cisco for 2011-2012
  • After changing my perception, i did more studies
  • I studied more on ports (again) and time outs.
  • Located 3 issues before i got to the core of it.
  • But we have more issues, webinterface, est. to work on.