Part I. Mia Economy and Community

Mia Jonita Virtual Economy and Community The Financial Blueprint of:

Part 1. In World and Out World.

A). Similar to most virtual worlds, its makes good sense to make purchases with your virtual money versus with your USD or other converted Currency.

B). As we build the Mia technology and basic foundations of the resort, we will also be alert to the Governance and Economy of In World and Out.

C). Rarely, do Virtual Worlds, function additional services and products, for out world. This, however; is done by the creative minds of the Resident and users of the Community. Recently, you will catch the encouragement of Worlds, suggesting more profiles or public pages for your Avatar Social. Almost an approval to or for those on pioneer 3D paths. There are many ways to represent your avatar.

1. Realistic, Matching You in the real world. Classic when people want the “real you” then they see how your avatar is you. Those picture comparations are always perfect and actually cool to see. Good promotion for new Residents, Users, or fans. Good for Business Meetings or Class.

2. Surreal, Fantasy, When you would like to travel, paradise vacation, experience, and seek worlds or places only in fiction dream form. An exhale to the real working you.

3. or a combination of both, a balance we use in LDM Inc. Both are used per calendar event, holiday, project, or vodcast. D). Therefore, planning for LDM is a unique journey. We are intergrated Real and Surreal already via exported Avatars and Vodcast Collections. We do encourage, as FYI; the same for Mia Jonita’s future residents and users. However, we are still trying to categorized the out world, as we build in world. As an Organization, We are also a Company of Mind, Body and Spirit. Popular in ebooks, reader cast, and audio media classes. Then include our Campus Music Lounge, the Promotion of YG, Yogi Goddess….

more coming soon, thanks everyone.