Part II: Mia Economy and Community

Part 2) The Birthday Anniversary of Mia Jonita,
Summer 2011, June-July.

I-Backdrop regarding Community Formats and Stores.

A) So, imagine; we have a lot to combine and mix as a package or a maturing community.
How can we build in 3D, a virtual world; without considering all departments,
past, present, and those pending projects? This lingering concept, is now
being formatted as we enter the Birthday Anniversary of Mia jonita and tech.

B). Cyber Community Experimental: This is designed for fans, students, followers of LDM and Co.
Different Formats or rules may apply for other virtual world developers or In World Residents.
In Other words; this is experimental and Rough Draft.
If it helps others passing thru, then we are doing good as a template example. thanks.

Headquarter Milestones of Love and Divinity In Motion and Divisions:

1. LDM Publications and SLE Dept. began year 2007-08. In Lulu 1st. still used today.
2. LDM Yoga School became popular in year 2008-2009, still used today.
3. LDM Recording Studio and YG was created in Year 2008-2009. Our Most Popular Division.
4. LDM Podcast began in year 2008 and Last Season year 2010.  Our Most Popular Division.
5. Mia Jonita Resorts. Partnered with Board Member B.Jonita our SR VP, Started Tech for Open Sims.
6. Mia Jonita Resorts. Crashed 10/2010 and Re-built as Cisco Systems 2/2011, partnered with CEO2. Senior Computer Specialist.

C)  This is what LDM came up with in a Company Summary for Off Sites, Online:

1. For Distance Education,
EDU: Off Sites are still
a.) lulu,
B.) learn out loud,
C.) Amazon kindle,
D.) and upgrading wiziq
e.) along with resourcing our Blackboard. Similar to wiziq.
f.) and any others not mentioned currently. main are listed.

2.) Yogi Goddess, Mia Music, and LDM Recording.
a) we have a lot of older or misc.  LDM and YG music profiles,
excluding social. social includes: myspace, myyearbook, twitter and Facebook.
however,  for stores we are primary:
1. Leslie Michelle of Reverb Nation
2. Yogi Goddess of Reverb Nation. with plans of upgrade services.
3. Tune Core and partners of for Music Distribution, Non Exclusive.
4. Yogi Goddess of thumbplay. *Listing Ringtones and Graphic tab.

3.) Mia will have its own virtual economy for in world. We desired to convert back and forth.
however; we do not have the technology. we can only offer connections for in and out world; for
the community as a whole. If confused, we will Offer In World Orientation.
Mia’s virtual economy will include the proper website development
or log in dashboard. this Mia Jonita website is currently not available or published.
Catch Mia jonita published via online searches such as google, Bing, or yahoo.

There is more to come,

but this information is a start in right direction.

~Mia Jonita Management of LDM, Love and Divinity In Motion