October News: Mia Jonita Tech

Quickie news better said by our twitter for Mia tech. more details later in our testing.

miajonitaresort Mia Jonita (Creator)
then the last version of open sims for 7, was not working for mia. patience and study, comes in handy. #tech

miajonitaresort Mia Jonita (Creator)
tried out the new release of open sims. i do prefer it and it works for standalone. Tech caught a default error in version 6.9., a common 1
2 minutes ago

wildcard33 Yogi Goddess (VV)
by miajonitaresort
home office, cleaning, breakfast, and tech
5 minutes ago

miajonitaresort Mia Jonita (Creator)
for tech, managing the schedule is the main agenda right now