Love and Divinity voffice…coming soon (Vodcast)

catch whats new for nov. 2011…

Love and Divinity voffice on Vodcast TV

Coming up for the LDM Vodcast TV (Original Series of


Title not done yet, and recording in motion.

Ft. Vixen Model/Yogi/Teacher (of IMVU)-Dr16506:


Chat Conversation of video

Dr16506: Hello peeps and welcome to this weeks vodcast and misc. updates…

Dr16506: This week, working on counseling (life coaching and holistic) also webmastering and admin work

Dr16506: For our updated projects, u all can catch not only our blogs but our linkedin

Dr16506: lets load the link


Dr16506: smile

Dr16506: Right now, misc. work per profile and projects…

Dr16506: If u visit our linkedin, u will wonder? Where did the Indie Scholar idea, come from? It was actually from an invite…

Dr16506: References or more info at:

Dr16506: I was invited in 2006 but the invite was unexpected and too soon for travel. I was just moving to my family’s area (Detroit)

Dr16506: Afterwards…years, i was really going hmmm. Europe and Asia are now my fans, a Cool Destiny right…

Dr16506: Nominated for The International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Business

Dr16506: So now, for updates, why not do indie and independent scholar studies….makes sense with the BIO

Dr16506: more ethical…


For our real pictures, we are posting for twitter with twicpic and myspace for now. FB at random. thanks peeps. catch u later

Dr16506: smile

Catch our show for more details and actual Video of…thanks peeps and fans.


LDM Management,

Love and Divinity, Dr Moore

Nov. 2011