Happy Cyber Monday 2011

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Happy Cyber Monday 2011

Well, peeps. Happy Cyber Monday for this yr 2011.

For Cyber Monday, we keep it simple, especially for out world campus life, as we build as IT and Cisco techs for the virtual world of Mia Jonita Resorts. If u are new or not up to date, Mia Jonita was designed during the last season of our Podcast Radio of itunes, platform gcast and garageband. Gcast is now ilike, they also partnered with myspace, a lil before hand.

For LDM, we gave a proper retirement like the pros, this was just by serendipity. We had made it to 50k fans per summer stats of 2008 and 2009 and now we have increased to 250k per year; of 2011. (that’s summer and fall stats.)
As we increase, we appreciate u all, within our blogcasts and vodcasts.

For Cyber Monday, we are promoting a re-release single in YG, the Yogi Goddess of LDM Inc. and Depts. Catch the YG blogs today.

Thanks and Much blessings.