Whatz New in Mia Jonita?..Building Mia Jonita of 2012

Whatz New in Mia Jonita?
Re: Building Mia Jonita of 2012

1.) Right now, we are working on the standalone of Mia Jonita
2.) We started the resorts as beginners and we are still learning behind the scenes in World building and Cisco Tech (trainees)
3.) We are currently adding new region land, landscaping, building the Main Avatars, and saving backup versions of our work this season.
4.) We have crashed 3 + times, since summer 2010 & our podcast radio retirement in itunes.
5.) No Worries, all beginners will go thru free orientation and reader (In World) notes. This may be live or self serve, we will see later at that time. Our backdrop is self serve for several yrs, so that’s always an option.
6.) We are working on re-building two avatars, Mia Jonita the model of B.Jonita, the Co Partner, and Momz,
and The former second was Yogi Goddess, but that model will be third. This time, we are building a Leslie Moore (Myself as Owner, Sr CEO)
7.) we do tweet and update the vods. and social, so stay tuned this mo. and entering 2012.
8.) We did miss sum classes in the blackboard set up and transfer. Those may just have to cont. in 3D, either IMVU public rms of LDM. or Mia Jonita Resorts of OS.
9) We will be webmastering and tech for this weekend 2.

dats all
Back Soon,
Mia Jonita Tech and LDM Management