The evolving Door (Digital Art)

Right now,
I like to switch back and forth,
between tech and Digital Art.

Digital Art is always evolving, similar to other genres we like at LDM inc, like Music and Holistic ND.

Catch our mini BIO and gallery at koinup.
On another server, so new pics are not available,
I do have favs., below; already in our Blogcast for wordpress. new pics are ft. from ND dept and YG from xmas. Sum thing for everyone.

Thanks for visiting, fans and followers.

skills and profile section:

vModels/Avatars Summary List:

1. IMVU: Dr16506 as the Practitioner, ‘Da Doc’; Fam. Tree/Household, ‘Dr Yogi Bear…..nine names.. come here’
2. IMVU: Virtualyogi as Yogi Goddess (YG)
3. IMVU: Chinastartigerlily as China Moore; in Fam. Tree/Household, ‘China’ or ‘Michelle’
4. SL: Yogi Firecaster (Discont) replaced with Tigerlily Enchanted at SL visitor status,
Open Sim: Mia Jonita avatar in tech mode as Mia Jonita Resorts.
and others eventually in Mia Jonita, ft. Me as Leslie or Lezlie eventually.

Worlds: IMVU, Second Life, Open Sim (Mia Jonita Resorts), Frenzoo Occasionally

Art Style/3D Love: Surreal, Realism, Nude Art, no sex themes art only.

Art/Digital Studios: LDM Inc, LDM Digital Studios, Love and Divinity, Mia Jonita Resorts

Art/Digital Artist: Yogi Goddess, Lez Michelle

Other or related Websites:
Department Bio: Certified Instructor/Practitioner, Socialite, Internet Celebrity, Music Producer/Beatz/Vodcast Soundtracks, Podcast/Virtual Vixen (3D), 3D Model, Vodcast Personality.

Resume Backdrop:
For Practitioner, its Naturopathic Practitioner/Vocational.
It works as a Minor or additional certifications. Stands alone in CA or Overseas as a Major. Much like Yogaphysician, Metaphyscian, same situations. U use as minors unless u have sum major promos and Marketing.
Field Exp., is what i do now for updates.
Next BA will be animation or RN for nursing. I have One Liberal Arts/BA and all vocational.

(Yogi Goddess, China) Music Dept, ft. avatar models of IMVU:

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LDM Inc, Mia Jonita Management.


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