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YG, Yogi Goddess, LDM Recording Studio; is the Master License holder of all music. is also, now deemed; our official LDM Vodcast TV. Other stations are not popular or will host studio issues regarding our music licenses and proper verification. We are also Mostly Machinima, Virtual World Filmmaking and 3D; for our shows. More About LDM Vodcast and TV Feat. Our Virtual Vixens, 3D Models, and 3D Teachers are also featured here, no other in lg streams or Official shows. Headquarters: Love and Divinity. Featuring, Starlight Enterprises of LDM and Mia. We will try to include a TV Rating variety for our International Fans and Audience. Intro Summary: We are listed in itunes music store under audio podcast, since 2008. The Audio and Text Book Classes, for Love and Divinity In Motion; has a Mega collection of Vocational, Professional, Undergraduate, and graduate level Mind-Body-Spirit; classes, spoken word, and educational lectures in our Stores and Teaching Profiles. The eclasses were recorded by LDM Recording Studio, of LDM University Headquarters; in Michigan. Learning Styles: For Auditory, Visual Readers, Self Study Learners, and now visual learners. Within our Vodcast, also Video Broadcast, Video Podcast, You can catch topics regarding our news, campus, Mia Jonita Resorts, 3D Progress, 3D tutoring, and Yogi Goddess Music and events. Discography (See Yogi Goddess of Reverb Nation) LDM, Mia J. and YG, are based in International Fan Areas of Europe, SE Asia, and E. Asia.



ND da Hospital (Part I)

Welcome back, if brand new. we will list additional links as well. This clip was recorded for March, Season 13. While touring the empty room, newly bought for decor and later public and 4 vod use. We kept it silent, its half informational and room development updates of IMVU related. Resume: Gallery:


LDMs ND Room Interlude (mini Gallery)

Catch our New ND gallery in our koinup profile. We have a special section addressing the ND field, our minor. ND is ongoing. The field is similar to Yoga Therapy and Medical Yoga. Anything that aids the Medical field has its own ethical dept and also different ways of intergration. Slowly time heals all fields and ND is growing popular and more stable in healing all situations. *Real Hospital use varies for ND alone as a dept, i only saw one hospital for Metro D. of Michigan….




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