OpenSim Easy User Guide

Okay, I was going to save all this stuff for a nicely crafted tutorial – but I realize that some of you may be chomping at the bit here. So, here’s a few command-line things to get you even *deeper* into OpenSim-ing.

I’ll just break it down into simple “how do I…” here.

(All of these assume you are staring at the dos-like window that your OpenSim server is running in. That would be the small window with the “Region#” prompt in it.)

“How do I change my terrain?”

Pretty easy to do, but first, type ‘help’ at the command line, followed by the <Enter> key.

Lots of commands to play with! The one that we’re interested in is at the very end. Luckily the developers have a sub-help list for this, so type ‘terrain help’ at the command line, followed by <Enter>.

Scads more commands! You should see things…

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