OpenSim Easy User Guide

So, you’ve patiently waited for the download to finish, and you’ve gotten to the point where you have the server running. You’ll notice after you connect with your viewer, that the region is named “Sandbox” by default, and because of how the server was set up, you are “Opensim User”.

That is okay for a proof-of-concept, but I’m sure you want to make things more personalized. Here’s how to tweak a few things.

In the server window, you should see a prompt that reads: “Region (Sandbox) #”

This is showing you what region you are currently issuing commands to, named “Sandbox” which is the default. To view a list of helpful commands, type “help” without quotes. You’ll be presented with a long list, which you can scroll to view using the side scroll button on the terminal window.

The one that we’re interested in for now is “create user”.


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