ND Summary, TV show Ft. real life in D. (Detroit)

ND Summary, TV show and real life in D. (Detroit),


Hello from Detroit.

You all are so wonderful in Europe and Asia. We started venturing out for fans, via Europe during the podcast radio seasons. So thanks to the UK and expansion area thereafter. You all treat me as a Europe Resident.

I even saw Mia Jonita in the List X for UK govt. (a tag) (freakin wow, i am undercover in Maya Historian work but dang, that sweeeeeeeeeet. We even have the Maya Temple being the first island. I will try to vod it for our shows in blip.tv) I have to find the Link again. I found other things below leading to the joke. 😉



Meanwhile (lol)
In the USA, tax season is winding to an end. In the USA, tax season is winding to an end. I am no expert but would like to tax classes eventually or even vodcast the basic tips of what i know. I have been on the business journey since 2006. Some years, i list our tax category and others i do not. I think the best yrs are when i use special publication to aid my dept branches. I did mine before easter, i still have to prompt my parents. Theirs is harder and i am only trained in the experience of individual and business taxes. Theirs is Homeowner and i am in training for that, property manager trainee. But, as the ND aide, i have to double back and remind them or for extension. The full circle. One yr (may have been last yr), my brother and I did the homeowner edition of taxes and wow, we did good for a week then messed up on the Michigan/City district tax math for property. So, we are not suppose to repeat the past but remind them to hire a professional tax accountant (lol). I may be a commercial property owner this yr (OMG) so i have to learn and train. Such an ordeal the trainees go thru (lol).
We will need property for LDM and Mia Management. The Computer lab and Dept. YG and LDM Digital, Green Screen Photo work, ft. Dance and Yoga performances for Vods and DVD. One thing, Everyone in the household relies on my ND skills and certifications, its almost like this silent job if not done online or even mentioned per a annual or seasonal update to fans. Therefore, here is our upcoming show for LDM Vodcast TV.
Welcome back to the ND Hospital Part II, Behind the Scenes.

We took a break before and during spring break and easter. now we are balancing all depts

When it comes to ND, this is an ongoing learning exp. and Job, as LPNs, Teacher and Yogi, i actually file this Job as main,

on my recent taxes. We are a ‘Non Grant ND Private LPN, publisher, Media’ est. for taxes’

So when it comes to 3D, I like to keep it fun but parallel to real work. I also do my research. This clip shows, how ea. room,

has importance for clinical rms and ND rm work.

*show will be ready by late afternoon,


Student and Teacher joke:
UK, i do have some words with u all. Seriously-Seriously, if i do have class. i expect some attendance. I was going to wait for Mia but maybe i can pull some webmastering hrs. Its all webmastering issues and connections. Boardboard is 24/7 a perk, compared to live for all time zones.


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ldmorg.wordpress.com Welcome to Mia Jonita, SLE, and Depts, twitter.com/miajonitaresort

Blog post: http://ldmcampus.blogspot.com/2012/04/detroit-vods-ft-nd-and-tax-season.html


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