ND update, ft. vod and lifestyle news.

ND update, ft. vod and lifestyle news.

From yr 2006 to 2012 present,
I lost 50 pounds with the aid of holistic living.

the best method ft. Bellydance and pilates, between hatha yoga.

vod summary below.

ND bonus Pt III (Ft. YG Bellydance)

Dr16506: hello and welcome to the evening shift
Dr16506: smile, its so big here, trying to find the ND office
Dr16506: this room will have to do, its the Hydrotherapy room, serves also ND methods, very common
Dr16506: ND has a wide range of holistic methods, one new one i would say is fitness bellydance.
Dr16506: Bellydance can aid any Yoga and Pilates branch. during the yrs, i lost 50 pounds, with aid from Pilates and home bellydance
Dr16506: a nice mini updates for Danceplug and ND fans….gotta go, thanks for stopping by.


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