Happy Friday…Mia Tech news May 2012

Happy Friday…Mia Tech news May 2012

This yr, for July; formerly June 21st.

  • Same Bday as Second Life and Two of our Board Family members.
  • …So, we will celebrate, like last yr; our Mia Bday Anniversary on July 4th and that week. It marks
  • the last season and shows of the Podcast Radio during 2010 in itunes. When i first mentioned Mia Jonita Resorts as our Continuum.


….I try to balance everything and improve the following.

  • Increase work in tech hours.
  • Tech hours are done a few times a week so far, an improvement. Ea. Season is a differ focal point. Last Fall was counsel hours for Life Coaching and Holistic Core Engineering, i was on call weekly by request and once i (very gently. I had to offer informal and free, from Formal and Flat Fee based. A change of session perception. I lost money but my schedule would have been locked 9-5p monday-friday.) freed my counsel hours i was tied into the LDM Digital Studio, our new dept for LDM Inc., Art is an old love, like Dance. So to see it develop online and prosper is very important. This dept’s schedule is on time and doing well.
  • I am grateful for all depts, it gives more field exp. to my resume and skills. However; i do try to keep a Genre of CEO flexibility. Imagine, what i call, a ‘President seasonal review‘, or your company suffers, no doubt. I actually wanted CEO classes but could not find any, i had to just do the, ‘live and learn class’. ‘One on One’.
  • Goal is to work either longer hours or more tech shifts in a week
  • The web server and OS database is being tested, studies, and parallel, other grids of Open Sims community; the info and bios basics.
  • Fundraisers are important, to aid the (Computer) lab and increase the performance of the lab.
  • Another goal, is to hire freelance contractors with virtual world, open sim(s), and Cisco System experience to help. We get resumes for Web Designer but our CEO2 is the same job and Cisco. I am seeking similar to his resume but a variety as well.
  • No matter what during (the recent) SR CEO seasonal reviews, i do enjoy updating the fans, yr round. For all Mia Tech and News. That’s reliable.


stay tuned for more. thanks.