Happy Monday. YG Repost Ft. Tech Updates….

A Repost of YG Blogcast, Ft. Tech updates

Welcome to the blogcast this week.
For me, today is monday.

Over the weekend, i have been planning and organizing Home and voffice.

I also do norm fan stats to see where we are, and i appreciate all international fans in all blogs.

Do stay tuned,

  • we are trying to: study SL (Second Life time, the basics, even visit sum in world classes this summer), manage more (increase is needed, my issue from winter) Tech hrs (OS, Open Sim) or do *Midnites or late nites, also cont. to manage day shifts of Home office the main hrs or home and admins. duties (our default)., and jump start the vods and fundraiser….phew….i need speed and chi energy. we will see.
  • Tech Updates:
  • We are researching ways to expand from standalone to grid. Our version of OS is 0.7.2, we were stuck on the 0.6.9, wow-that one was a killer. grateful for it as a starter (and our Mia Beta Art came from it, still promoted) but was crazy stuck-phew.
  • …The version we are using now for Mia Resorts, has a New Grid/Robust i have to personalize conf for Mia. Its all experimental and open to edits. More every yr, i love the opportunity of being in Both SL and the Open Sim communities. Usually in the OS community we all have so much in common and are usually parallel twins or on the same paths/interests.
  • I appreciate all international fans. I love seeing where u are from. I would love fan mail but we do not have the system for it now, maybe after we fundraise and expand,
  • …this way the home office will not go mad crazy but have the proper building office or rental/lease suite. Thats the yrs plan, really a plan from 2010-2011 for this yr actually. We are slowly sticking to the schedule for expansion. It will remote, effect everyone for the best, fans included.
  • But, i did catch a map from our other mia blog of the fan locations…too cool, i want to export it or doc it for updates.
  • The tech version of tracking fans, are done best in virtual worlds, like IMVU and Second Life. It is important for the office and sub mind of the fan users, also it aids variety and etravels/creations, est., for in world. the Unlimited.
  • ok…thats all for now, kisses and love

    LDM, YG, and Mia Management


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