Is there a such…


Is there a such thing as SL University.

I did a storybook for Koinup in two parts, it was so real that i lost track of time but healed some real karma and saw my parallel and paradox situations. So my question, (aids Love and Divinity In Motion and Mia Jonita Campus for vlife. ours will be under 5 or 10 islands starting out) Is there a such thing as the genre itself, SL University.

I find/found so many schools. Ghost towns, Yes (I caught it); but after 3 yrs inworld and millions of etravelors, i say; thats why. I let it go, i do understand (if not a group join process) there must not be an enrollment process if u are not actually on the real campus…. but its SL. again; A lg World.

I still need my schooling (asap) For Mia Jonita, our govt. world for the same structor, school and business, and helping residents do the same, like a full circle of training and learning.. this aids a lot., link below



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