We did not forget (Mia Bday)

Hello Fan babies,

my pudding and pies…(lol) (but seriously)

I started yesterday for today,

First, for the US Followers and fans,

Happy Fourth of July.

Second, YG and China, started promotion via the art of music

I forgot the mixes i did for podcasting but its actually a genre in itself for Music (Mix Tapes) (Live and learn. I tried to get wisdom from the CEO2 my bro and he was like Leslie, OMG. I learned the format recently and saw we did it for LDM several yrs. styles vary goes w/o saying)


Yeah Bitches!!
Shift: Days/Midnights

‘Its my bday’ as a Beatz Artist in Music

Keep it simple and sweet,
Long but strong (Studio Engineering hrs)

4 more info-By YG, Ft. Mia Jonita Resorts (Tech yr2)

1. Vodcast: http://blip.tv/ldm-vodcast-tv/memorial-mix-by-ct-party1-6236558, http://blip.tv/ldm-vodcast-tv,

http://blip.tv/ldm-vodcast-tv/dance-party-by-dj-ct-mia-bday-6236797, (& Youtube)

2. Party Mix addresses:  http://soundcloud.com/, http://soundcloud.com/ygoddess,

http://soundcloud.com/ygoddess/sets/mia-and-yg-anniversary-mixes, myspace.com,

Mix selections: 1. Dance Party 2. Memorial Mix 3. CT Old skool mix .

DJ: CT (Chinastar Tigerlily) of YG dept of LDM Recording
Studio: LDM Recording (Indie/Independent)
Artist Engineering: YG (Yogi Goddess)
Location: W.Detroit, S. Riverdale, Redford, MI
vlocation Worlds: IMVU, SL, O.S (In tech)
DJ Style: Podcast, Special Events/Holidays Shows (1998-2010)
Memorial Dedication: Board fam pet, Phat Elder, Big Papa, Garfield-A.J.Moore, (1998-2012), He Left behind, Grandma B.Jonita,

Papa G.L., Father S.D., Mother/Auntie, Me-YG/China, Brother, Phat P., Lil Man, Normal, Pepe Le Pew,
eFan Dedication: Europe and Asia for Mia Jonita and YG Anniversaries
For misc, Listed in Bing and Google: Yogi Goddess, Chinastar Tigerlily, LDM Recording, Mia Jonita Resorts

Gallery from SL, ft. in FB and koinup for public view. thanks