LDM joins SL (vnews and voffice)

Hello Mia peeps

As i social, study, and rent in SL (Second Life)

I notice, the real schools are similar to ours but in world.

Everything is within the digital tools of SL and self serve.

For connections, SL residents/business/schools, will encourage joining the groups for updates,
parallel, to our Casting system of readers, blogs, and vods.

So i would say, we match both SL and OS.

For Open Sims, we are building mia slow and careful.
The focal point of the summer is backups and real estate work
Then in fall, the database connection, grids, est.
Finaly stages will be in baby steps but we will be in IMVU and SL for 3D extentions to our Campus

We are building the Campus slow and it will be home office of SL, until we buy land and grow.
Imagine in Mia, we have land (5 islands) but we have to tech and govt.
SL Real Estate: the joint use of Mia connecting to SL ‘main’ grid is possible but not a mainstream popular code (?) or instruction listing in studies, so we are ‘still on the schedule’ to open independent and (data) code to grid mode. (Open Sim islands of SL, open sims are listed on the SL map and transfers but a rare thing.) By the time we open, fans, students, Board staff (Virtual or remote new hires), will have the full option to connect to SL or OS for Mia. T
This also will benefit the new staff for mia in the future or this yr for Second Life. We are currently not hiring but resumes are filed annual. Paychecks will be in L. for Second Life. The perk is, L dollars can be exchanged, one of the easiest exchanges i have seen in virtual world economy. It would take Mia Jonita 1-2 yrs to get to SL level on that one. Most worlds create partner options instead.

thanks and stay tuned.

-by Chinastar, YG Weekend Tech Volunteer and Social Mgt Dept
Love and Divinity In Motion, Mia Jonita Resorts, SLE Starlight Enterprises of Detroit, LDM Human Resources (HR)-