Likes and Dislikes, and tech life…

Hello All, mia fans and peeps, fans of LDM and the whole team. (China and YG)

Yes, lately, i have been busy.

I am learning the ropes In SL (Second Life). My preference of ‘likes and dislikes’ in renting and learning landlord work. I am so much more, than (before 2010 studies in the first yr of tech); a fan of Anshex, that it never clicked, my renters happiness is her land of SL. She even makes it possible to have your estate dreams, and all under her, and her fees, including good land contracts (All self help). An exhale i imagine for all SL residential incomes.

So for now, i am content after a road of renting hell.

maybe i can teach it in mia, it never was approved in SL marketplace.

I am learning, sum things are codes of ‘experience it then service it’ for SL. -lol. But the literal class, for sum topics are not available (marketplace). There is Yoga in SL, so i am building that from our real publications. the Conversion. Well, Live and learn, and even in 3D.

 I am also, learning the ‘likes and dislikes’, of my grid for Mia Jonita of OS (Open Sim). If it takes too many months (we are yr 2 of tech) to find the error and open the grid to public from standalone, then i have stop and reflect. Almost meditation mode, to math a better system.

That leads me to a tech relieve, i trust this system should be helpful, since its half made into the version of OS, that mia is.

SimianGrid is a scalable, extensible, light-weight, open source persistence layer for MMOs and virtual worlds.

More info and sources:

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