Tech Directions (Mia News)

Tech directions (Mia updates)

Posted on 2012-12-30 06:19:18


Topic: Tech Directions for Mia jonita.

In terms of Mia’s twin.
the journey is both hard and rewarding for SL (second life).
I enjoy the slow learning of jobs available, starter freebees, social from Michigan natives to Europe social.

But, my issues is land fees, high marketing levels, and just being in the yr to yr, stage of development. Much like traditional college, instead of vocational speed. We are still, speaking of SL. spooky right, very realistic for 3D. But second life is known for that. A bonus still.

I am doing fair in my yr ending fees, good SL offers a grace period before u are late officially. Good to have support too. The support fuels my dragons chi to keep moving and be stronger per situations and job.


what i felt was my main job, became just part time and an export to other projects.
I do love the ppl i meet and job exp., so its to be cont. but with an open mind, via SL (second life)

Whatz Next:
I still have to test Mia of open sims, since our system is up to date and still being updates Nov-Jan.
This aids the performance computer and we can function w/o issues for Mia.
*Updates are from the Sr Tech (CEO2), for Mia Jonita.

Resume Apps/submits:
I am still taking and holding resumes sent to the email of Mia Jonita.
We are not hiring yet, do to working capital and other projects.
We are registered with Elance Freelance and will also keep in mind to both work and hire within that site. Very nice so far.,
So far; Elance has a variety of Open Sims Contractors, a rare thing.

That’s it so far, more dept/division updates for LDM Inc., Headquarters; for the next week

Happy New Yr peeps.
Be safe, Be blessed


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