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Yay so I have a new modeling job at Two Sisters and it is lovely. Georgia, my boss, is one of the nicest people I have met on SL and I am a lucky lady as I have two amazing bosses. Here are some fun outfits I put together with clothes and jewelry all from Two Sisters. Joining the group is free and this month alone, I think there were 17 group gifts!

tst 900 members gown_002tst 900 members gown with tangle rose set_001This outfit is free and it is the 900 group member gift paired with the Tangle Set in Rose. The jewelry comes in many colors including aqua, plum, and the rose. The below outfit is a fun jogging outfit called Calamity blue with the Aqua Tangle Set.

tst calamity blue sparkles jogging set tangle aqua_001tst calamity blue sparkles jogging set tangle aqua_002As you can see there are bracelets, rings, a necklace, and earrings in each set. They also come with a belly jewel and hair picks. Next up is the Calamity…

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