LDM Social Directory

The LDM Social Directory

of LDM Inc.


We have been online since 2007 official, before that, we were one site.




Now its about time to have a LDM Social Directory.


The co is split in divisions,

so… not all depts will promote certain profiles.

Keeps the depts sane in project management. I almost attended UCLA ext for a Project Mgt Certification, that’s how important, Project organization is in LDM, ongoing.










  • (stuck on private, tech issue i guess. Happened after timeline release)



  • Public and idolbin



Myspace (Old/tradition)

  • First: www.myspace.com/ldmyogauniversity

  • Second: www.myspace.com/yogigoddess

  • Third: www.myspace.com/mjresorts

Myspace (New)

same order of admin


Official Youtube, Promo Channel:


Meetme (Former MYB)


Google+ (Long version)

Google+ (short version)



Mia Jonita for co.:



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