1000 Days…

Bits & Pieces of SL


Yesterday I was visiting the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and while I was looking around, someone dinged me to congratulate me on being 1000 days old.  I graciously thanked him and said well now I have a reason to celebrate and spend lindens.   I was really only after a few things, and like usual I’m a bit turned around and the item ended up being in a different event, one of many I may add.   I don’t really know how people keep up and while I love shopping, it’s not something I want to spend my whole time doing.

So today I decided to skip my usual shopping spree and visit a place I have been meaning to stop by and explore.   The Basilique, the home of where the production of Romeo + Juliet is performed in Second Life.   I had read on Canary Beck’s blog that a…

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