EPIA Vintage Lounge

Chance Raynier

Every Pixel Is Art.  A statement in itself, and a true title of the creator behind EPIA, Verone Potez has brought SecondLife a great deal of creativity.  Ranging from clothing, accessories and structures, EPIA has a bit of everything to add to your growing SLife.  The current new release from EPIA is a resplendent Vintage Lounge which truly is a versatile wonder.

The moment I rezzed it, images of New Orleans plantation homes came to mind, my childhood spent running around the vast acres of Oak Alley Plantation, chasing dragonflies and leaping  for Spanish moss upon the weeping willows.  Oak Alley is named thusly for it has a pathway up to the main plantation home of hundred year old oak trees, vast and full of history.

EPIA’s Vintage Lounge can be used in so many ways, for private use, clubs, homes and even a storefront.  The choice is yours!

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