LDM TV Closed and Plans

Fans and Followers
Fall 2013

Our Official TV has been closed

due to changes in the Blip TV terms

We removed our videos
and any new vods
will be used in our blogs.

for blog info or updates

tune in.

In the past 60-90 days
most of our fans, do not watch Blip.tv
refer to blog updates or website news.
The only fan watchers came from twitter.
Was not good, to see the natural audience gone,
from the search engines.

So this closer
does not effect us much.

Older videos are always backed up

The Channel gets copies.

We are thinking of testing Hulu.
will update fans if we do.
Mostly, we will use blogs and upgrade when needed, such as wordpress.

Similar to our Radio Retirement
when gcast and garageband closed,
We keep things moving.


Re: http://blip.tv/ldm-vodcast-tv


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