Lab updates on forthcoming improvements for SL

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

secondlifeOn Monday, February 9th, the Lab issued a blog post outlining some of the upcoming improvements to Second Life.

In all six improvements are listed, five of which are user-facing, while the sixth should also yield benefits, although these may not be in terms of observable differences in how SL operates for most people. Further of the six listed, four have project viewer associated with them, three of which relate to visible viewer-side changes in terms of improved or new functionality. The remaining two updates should be appearing as either project or release candidate viewers in the very near future.

Regular readers of my weekly SL project updates will likely already be familiar with these improvements, at list in principle, but I’ll run through them here as well.

The first of the improvements which is already available for testing is the new Avatar Hover Height (AHH) feature. For those who…

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