How Dreams Help Our Soul Evolution


be92df660bff0b7678a28b69f885f6e3-d6l8nq2After I woke up this morning, I laid in bed for a little while recalling my vivid dreams, and thinking about what I learned from each one, whether they were life lessons gained from parallel realities, other dimensions or past life experiences, or symbolic dreams (Divine messages from my soul’s subconscious/unconscious mind, who uses stored memories, images, symbols, thoughts and feelings that I have stored deep within myself).

I have learned from the book (which I’m still reading), “We, The Arcturians” additional information about the importance of paying attention to our dreams.

In a nutshell, we must learn our life lessons on physical Earth (for our soul evolution), in order to master our lessons in our dream-state. As we learn lessons from our dream-state, we raise our vibrational frequency, which enables us to not only explore more higher dimensions, but also prepares us for the 5th dimension on Earth, where…

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