Travel Log: Elysium City of Templemore

The Girl's Gone Rezzy!

Quality sims are not hard to come by in SecondLife. Quality time, however, is.

I found some, though, and took a stroll through Elysium City of Templemore today, and what a lovely day it was! When I arrived there was a live music marathon in full swing, and I swayed to the music for a bit before venturing off to walk the lovely sun-dappled streets with a little furry friend of mine.

Meet People Meet People

I thought about what I’ve been doing with my time in SecondLife these past six months; the ups and downs, the people I’ve met, and those who’ve fallen by the wayside. I sighed and consoled myself that though I haven’t been productive in ways I can show you, I have been finding my way along the path that winds and enjoying the moments as they come.

Lost Numbers Lost Numbers

There is so much pressure to be “doing…

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