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DaD DESIGN – Livingstone Sofa at The Crossroads 

in Adult and  PG/Family versions sits up to 8 friends

Fancy Decor at The Crossroads 

Fancy Decor: Teacup w/ tea

Fancy Decor: Teacup

Fancy Decor: Tiered Tea Tray

Fancy Decor: Stacked Plates

THOR– Cookies, Jug of Orange juice, Glass of Orange juice and  NY Magazines

Colored pillows on the sofa and rugs are from

CHEZ MOI -Moroccan Dreams 

{YD} – Puzzle Alphabet at Tres Chic

Your Dreams {YD}– Making the Moment :

{YD} – Making the Moment – Dimbo girl {RARE}

{YD} – Making the Moment – Dimbo boy {RARE}

{YD} – Making the Moment – Tree polaroid – Yellow

Merak – Aylin Set:

Merak – Aylin – Floor Cushion – Pattern 1

Merak- Aylin – Table

Zen Creations – Basket

Little Branch – Snakeweed {4Seasons} at Cosmopolitan

Little Branch – OliveTree.v2 {4Seasons}

at The Liaison Collaborative

LittleBranch – Bouton d’or Yellow at Enchantment

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