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I decided to have a bit of fun last night. So, I slipped on my STFU pants and rummaged thru my closet to find the perfect shirt to wear before heading out to cause a bit of trouble. Stopping by the old Crypt, I peeked inside and since no one was there I took a few pictures. Good thing Gramps was out haunting people that night. He might have been a little upset with me for either the clothes I had on, or, what kind of pictures I took.

Clothing & Accessories:

Not Today
Kink Tank

I did a little mixing and matching on my outfit. The pants are called Not Today and Feature a 5 saying Hud, Fitmesh Sizes, 5 Standard Sizes, Beleza, Maitreya, Slink.
The choices are so fitting for the hustle Bustle of shopping or the darker side and include: STFU, I Hate…

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