Frostie Trees and Meee

Gwennies Fashion Statements


Frostie, Trees and Meeee

While on my way to a Gala event last night, I seen this group of trees all lit up with a large Snowman beside them unable to resist the temptation I slammed on the brakes, skidded into a tree, and hopped out of the car. Running through them was so much fun. In fact, it was so much fun I just had to take a few pictures.

Props and Poses:

These are for Gacha Good Event going on now until the 30th
Red, Green, Black, Blue, Fushia, Dark Red, and Purple Christmas Trees
Musical Snowglobes

Something New
Frostie’s my Bestie
Featuring, presents, snow covered tree, snowman
This set also includes 4 poses.
Something New Christmas Store!
Open now!
Great poses with props for your Christmas needs, more still coming!
Clothing & Accessories:

Twe12ve Dec. 12th – 31st

Dove Fitmesh dress.


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