2017—the work begins

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brightlightnewyearI too am going to say goodbye to 2016 by cursing it loudly and without hesitation. Then I’m going to prepare myself for 2017, when this country—and thus the globe—will be governed by a reckless xenophobe and misogynist. I lived through the post-election disbelief, through the mistaken assumption that I would never run into anyone who voted for the goon, through relief that my local cafe displayed regret and resolution on its chalkboard, and through mean exchanges I had in public places. But I was not outright harassed, threatened, or physically assaulted the way many others were. As a white ciss woman I’m relatively safe right now, but I remind myself that persecution begins by targeting the obvious menaces and snowballs until no one is safe. It didn’t take me long to realize that we had to get past grief and gird our loins for the next four years of fighting…

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