We are all in the same game. Just different levels.

Chic Styler

We are all in the same game. Just different levels.

!EE Fit Mesh Dress v5 wear v1 in Full Perm and wear versions

original mesh rigged for mesh and standard bodies


phedora – Meliantha gacha at The Chapter 4

10 commons: 5 single color ankle heels and 5 single color knee high heels.

3 rares: 3 single color thigh high heels and

Ultra Rare: a full package including all 3 versions, the full hud with 21colors plus 5 extra metallic options and also spiked and non spiked version

EMO-tions -MEI  at On9 opening on July 9th

ERSCH – Harmony Headdress at On9

[evoLove] – Summer 01

✈   It all starts with a smile

🌙 Moon

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