Beauty of the Black Goddess



The first & original goddess
Radiates sun soaked beauty
Through her divinely graced presence
A living symbol of mother- nature
In every sense
Defined by her intricate mind
Not solely
By her much desired
Naturally, curvaceous
Feminine body type

The sweet dark chocolate brown mother
Of Gods who walk amongst mere mortals
She gave birth to
The colorful spectrum of mankind
Much maligned
Envied and hated
For her unwavering resilience
And extraordinary strength of mind

She exudes brilliance
In every one of her endeavors
In essence
She is the perfect embodiment
Of universal excellence
Fierce in spirit
A spiritually powerful
Warrior princess
Naturally intuitive and intelligent

Forever she holds the key to the eternal equilibrium
Of the planet
For her sacred divinity is beyond measure
She is the first deity & life bearer
Nature’s most dominant force
Again she will reign
On her throne on Earth
For all to…

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