Social Media: The Grip.

The Millenntalist

Social media. No explanation required. We all know and use them; daily probably. Maybe though, like me, you don’t really want to use them. Unfortunately, you feel a gravitational force dragging your index finger to the Facebook icon on your phone every hour or so. I have some seriously conflicted feelings about social media. Much like dentists, they’re a necessary evil. I have friends and family living in far flung corners of the world, and although they have my number, I like being able to see what they’re doing in their lives that don’t necessarily directly relate to me. They met Emma Stone? Pics or it didn’t happen. Got a really far out new hairstyle? I wanna see and tell them they’re a babe. What I don’t wanna see is someone I went to school with 20 years ago’s friend’s niece’s cat’s dinner. I’m a dog person, for a start.

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