Movie Nuts and Popcorn


In general, people in love always say that “good-looks” doesn’t really matter. But in movies, it’s a different thing. Especially if the movie is a commercial film and based on a bestseller book series. The Twilight Saga was a successful franchise of five movies based on Stephenie Meyer’s four-part books. From the first film ‘til its last installment, the movie gained millions of dollars worldwide. Consistently it has expanded its viewers and at the same time, retained its audience because of its well-commercialized marketing strategies and well-known audio-visual production team, but the main factor that it has been a major success is its CAST!

                So what am I trying to point out?! Beautiful Creatures (BC) was released after the success of the Twilight Saga movies and I think that the producers of BC tried to tap the audience from the vampire-sucking movies… and it’s possible… but did not…

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