Escape From Orcadi Island

Odemus Crowley

Discover Orcadi Island


Orcadi Island? Nobody goes to Orcadi Island, and comes back to tell about it. Except for one. It was many years ago, but I heard whispers on the wind – beckoning me to that island in the distance. The one nobody dared go. The voices promised riches beyond my wildest imaginings.


When I arrived. It was fantastical. Nobody dared come here, right? Other than the crumbled walls – with their strangely intact windows – this place seemed like it was inhabited not all that long ago.


Orcadi Island messes with your head, though. You see? The whispers on the wind are carried by the Ravens. Yes, the Ravens. They’re commanded by an ancient evil; beckoning those ill-fated enough to listen.


Pay no mind to the dark whispers of the ravens. Stay away from the accursed island. Let that old lighthouse serve as a beacon. Let it be…

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