Monday Thoughts ​

Monday Thoughts ​
Summer n September

An ocean of possibilities

Or the Sky’s the limit.

Are not corny statements.

They describe your reality, perception, declaration.

It starts small like intentions, mantras, positivity.

Then creates opportunities – Lez, China ​
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Kekeland is a quiet, sunny and peaceful fishermen’s place inspired from an Italian village. Visit the little harbor and this colorful village.
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Those hot days

Our last last last 💯hot 90 degrees day.

So hope its smooth and effortless #summerending🌞 #throwbacks2017 #August2017 #Secondlife2017

Idea of You

My Twin Life


TOP: Blueberry ~ Alena

EARRINGS/NECKLACE: Cae  ~ Pluma  @ Fameshed

EYESHADOW: Izzie’s ~ Daphne Eyeshadow

HAIR: Stealthic  ~ Persephone

TATTOO: Nanika  ~ Stella

POSE: Foxcity  ~ Effortless v1-7

I don’t I don’t even know you
Damn it I want to wake up in your bed
Stranger don’t feel like a stranger
Like staring at an old picture
Before it started to fade

Oh-oh trying
Just trying to convince myself
You’d act like this with anyone else
Oh what a beautiful lie

Oh-oh waiting
Like watching the grass grow
We stay up until they all go home
Baby we the last ones left

Maybe I’m in love with the idea of you
Cuz I don’t even know you
But I want you to kiss me, kiss me
Ooh, maybe I’m in love with the idea of you
I’m not saying I need you
But I hope that you…

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