Cyber Monday – dollar yoga

Meanwhile in Evening office…


The sales clock is ticking.
(But you guys are just tuning in i know.)

Are you interested in yoga or seeking updates.
Buy our classic Hatha Class – its 99 percent off. That means u get dollar yoga, a full ebook class. Popular in Amazon Kindle.
Sale ends Tuesday. *Regular price is 20.00 still a discount.
Yoga connections ft in my SL resort as well.


Visit Yoga Office:
Sale at:

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Mia Estates in Secondlife


MIA Oceanside Asia


~☻A Hotel/Condo/Yoga Dorm~

12 floors, 2-3 bd, 1 ba (optional) rentals. $450 or $850 Weekly. Ocean Sexy View on Higher FLs. Tenant Yoga Rm for 13th FL. ~See Front Desk ~Info Given per RM & Prims Flex. Zen Office/Village Next Door.

♥Hotel instructions 4♥

Welcome to♥ MIA Oceanside Asian Style♥ Hotel. Slowly this hotel is becoming a full functioning resort. Designed for travel, work, or vacation stay up to a month. Min Stay time is 24hrs/1 day. Max stay is 1 month. Our rooms are carefully designed for comfort and the beach scene, however this does vary per floor. Rent prices are $450 weekly to $850 weekly for high rise/penthouse rooms. Currently our 13th floor, the penthouse is being remodeled into a comfortable Yoga lounge room free for hotel residents.

(You also have to see the sky view of our hotel, its very sleek and modern.)

Once you witness the size and view its very easy to forget you have other rooms available for complete relaxation. I know from traveling myself and designing each room layout for our hotel.

I love traveling road routes, Resorts, or Seasonal Photography sims.

The elevator is divided into two sections, please select your rooms carefully. This also divides the price and view of our rooms.

We are still working on developing our hotel luxury for your travel needs. We want you to forget your SL cares, worries, stress, and issues during your stay.

I fused 4 estates together, 1 large and 3 small sims. ​Our office headquarters is next door now a Japanese Temple with a roof top for my Therapy Zen Yoga. Similar to our older office layout but more comfortable.

If you need anything please im me. I will post an *online board* to page me. I check in daily, recently afternoons to dinner hrs. It does depend per season for RL.

→ 10/28-I am not hosting a prim counter and joining group is optional for hotel or event updates vs using local chat only.

So as we expand land around the hotel/office, it helps the residents use more prims. Default saids 5/10. An older note. 20 prims min is a start.

→ Please be prim smart for other residents on busy days/weeks. Otherwise i am very flexible. New addition is our Yoga Office Lawn or Asian Park.

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Web Design ft WordPress & Wix


Never underestimate Wix:
Did you know wix designs in ebay will sell or auction for up to $800.00. Some wix sites measure $400k to $3 million dollars. I know, i own them.
So never underestimate the web host based on format that’s similar to WordPress. Some designers make a full living as graphic web designers for WordPress templates.

– China of Mia Corp, Web Designer, Virtual Biz Expert


The summer

A quick Hello Everyone.

i will try to email more my blog like i do for blogger. Makes it easier to post while working multiple projects. The summer has been crazy busy while appearing to stand still. So odd how time works. I just keep focused and organized per month.

Catch everyone later

Congrats to the Newlyweds…

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