Thank u Muddys Cafe


“Set me free (Set me free)
And let me out this misery
Show me the way to get my life again
You can’t handle me..”👏🏾

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Web Design ft WordPress & Wix


Never underestimate Wix:
Did you know wix designs in ebay will sell or auction for up to $800.00. Some wix sites measure $400k to $3 million dollars. I know, i own them.
So never underestimate the web host based on format that’s similar to WordPress. Some designers make a full living as graphic web designers for WordPress templates.

– China of Mia Corp, Web Designer, Virtual Biz Expert


the future is now

Beyond SL, the unlimited


Digital money: 1) everything u do has money value for blogs and sites. 2) this includes all hosts 3) it can math fast as the bitcoin 4) keep track of assets 5) the future is now. – China

Jubei’s Ace Place2

Jubei’s Ace Place2
Jubei’s Ace Place

Amazing how much we stride to be perfectly logical while most situations are not logical, reasonable, fair, or remotely sane. Its just your perception. Thats it. Different realities

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2018 the beginning

Weeks ago:

As the year came in, literally day 2, the challenges began. I  saw the possible pressures and expectations of the new year. The fire behind the issues. However being a Taurus sign gave perception. I was able to see clearly what was expected of me. I also saw the peak of prosperity in both the real and virtual worlds. I also caught old ruts and being extra alert to those. So work in progress. -Lez/China