Thank You Tommi Waydelich for 6 Awesome Years!

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The cover shot of this month’s Playmates Magazine marks one of the last photo’s done by our lead photographer, Tommi Waydelich.  After almost 6 wonderful year’s, Tommi is retiring from his position at Playmates Magazine.  We hate to see him go but we are so grateful for his talent and loyalty for all these years.  Tommi has been doing our centerfold spreads and cover photo’s since July 2011.  His professionalism and friendship was invaluable.  Tommi expressed his sadness for having to make this decision and we feel the same, but understand that real life and SL changes have made this move necessary.  Tommi will always be a big part of the Playmates family and we wish him an awesome retirement.

Tommi At Work                                    Tommi At Work

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#RIP Robin Williams



robin-williams-quotes-sayings-changes-worldToday we have lost a true hero of the human spirit, Robin Williams was an inspiration for many of us. The question now arises as to why such an inspiration to others suffered from depression himself, which ultimately resulted in a deep depression in which he took his own life.

The questions we may ask have no simple answers, but most importantly we should take this moment to ask ourselves … “What words and ideas are we saying to ourselves that either motivates or demotivates us?” What we say to the world means something but the two most important thoughts we can think are … “What do you think about when you think about God?” and “What do you think about when you think about yourself?”

Truthfully answered these questions bring us closer to our own vulnerability and help us to make transforming choices in our lives. These questions and the…

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