Stats for 90 days – Thx

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Stats for 90 days ending March 16, 2017 (Summarized)

“United States”,100
“United Kingdom”,23
“New Zealand”,7
“South Korea”,1
“Congo – Kinshasa”,1
“South Africa”,1

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Blog Comments: I do try to review comments and spam slowly. Any extreme non related comments are deleted. For the blog design comments: i use only the ‘free templates’ thanks. To hire a web designer, nope. nada. I am; a hands on person for webmastering. I do plan to eventually learn template design and use premium options. I catch so many webmasters and bloggers selling their designs. That would be a nice dept, down the road. I learned one thing- u cannot hop, boom; right in. U have to use a current designer resume or start slow. Thats all. ~random thoughts.~ later Lez

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