• Have u ever wondered why everyone uses Beethoven music, in new softwares or demos.
  • Have u ever been stuck on a studio project and needed free content, but had to pay instead.
    • Have u ever needed to remix a beat and had no budget to buy a license for publishing or even vodcasting.
  • Have u ever wanted to produce a special birthday, event, or holiday video but got in trouble for using copyrighted material. Via your personal music collection.

The list is endless on different needs via personal or business, how we come to need
Public Domain Content.

When u are use to getting in trouble, slowly for yrs and yrs. U come across Public Domain info and approach it with caution. There is a lot to learn especially for business, studio expansion or a new business all together.

This is why, at LDM, we will be producing online classes for your awareness and new product kits to help u along.