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Recent Projects, have been within the Yogi Goddess dept for LDM Recording.
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  • Have u ever wondered why everyone uses Beethoven music, in new softwares or demos.
  • Have u ever been stuck on a studio project and needed free content, but had to pay instead.
    • Have u ever needed to remix a beat and had no budget to buy a license for publishing or even vodcasting.
  • Have u ever wanted to produce a special birthday, event, or holiday video but got in trouble for using copyrighted material. Via your personal music collection.

The list is endless on different needs via personal or business, how we come to need
Public Domain Content.

When u are use to getting in trouble, slowly for yrs and yrs. U come across Public Domain info and approach it with caution. There is a lot to learn especially for business, studio expansion or a new business all together.

This is why, at LDM, we will be producing online classes for your awareness and new product kits to help u along.

Old Hollywood – Betty Boop (Public Domain)


Old HollywoodBetty Boop (Public Domain)

Our tester vod has been deleted, (via class time, tester not needed)

but we are almost done with our new site for PD class kits and info.







Fall News (Out world) CO and EDU

Hello all
Thanks for following and tunin in to
YG (China) and LDM projects

This fall
Conts my Yr EDU plan.
To backtrack…

I had a yr plan
(by natural serendipity for an art media major)
to start and update my EDU but traditional.
I have been non traditional and vocational for several yrs.
As a resume and instructor,
this aids many dept and the school, being virtual independent

the process has been long and driven.
in short…
After attempting new schools of the area
I am at my old school (of 2002 yr), Eastern Michigan for processing
To complete the transcript i left.
and I plan to also attend, UCLA extension.


I have planned
One major and two minors
My Major is Physical EDU
and Minors should be Media/Film and Computer Science
but this could change, will see.

My goal is to combine not just art or media but also Yoga Fitness and other depts of our current HQ and Co. projects online and expanding.

Thats all for now.

LDM Inc,
Leslie Michelle M; SR CEO, MGT

Ft YG/China

Happy Hump day …

Happy Hump day peeps and readers. Thanks for following us. This yr, has been a lot of updates for veteran fans. For new fans, U guys are random, art fans, music, est. So i will try to work on a variety. I do appreciate my readers. This yr is a balance of projects, so that will be posted more for seasons to Come. For SL life, the co. is going thru sum transitions and changes but will post new art work soon. Dats all.

Kisses and Happy Hump Day.

LDM Inc,

Artist; YG, China

Writer; Leslie M M